Orion has more than 2 decades of practical experience in this domain and attained expertise by heavily investing in the manufacturing process so to produce application specified products. By delivering high-end quality equipment on time, we have gained the complete trust of the customers. Further, our products are user friendly and can be easily installed in the appropriate place of the users. Like our Dies & Press Roll Shells works on plug & play basis and they are easy to mount as the user just have to fit it in the die and the production process will start without any interruptions.


Orion is also dealing in a variety of alloys like chrome steel, chromium, manganese nickel and carbon which suits the requirements of every individual as per the operating environments. We also assist the customers in selecting the adequate material which best fit to their needs and budget.

We firstly understand the requirements of the customers regarding the specified size, pattern and shape of the required die holes. Our production team meticulously follow these instructions and produce the dies accordingly with utmost accuracy & repeatability.

Heat Treatment

Our experienced & trained professionals establish different heat treatment programs for dies underwent through vacuum hardening pits. The heat treatment process is very crucial in the overall production stage as it guarantees the uniformity and durability of the products. Orion has invested sufficient resources for deploying modern hardening technology such as gas carburising and vacuum hardening so to produce durable and high-performance dies.

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